PCG has extensive experience developing strategies and rolling out globalization solutions for the Global 2000. PCG provides strategy services in the following areas:

  • International Market Entry Strategy Validation and Assessment: PCG completes a full assessment of a company's current strategic roadmap taking account of strategic goals, existing/future content/goals, audience, technology, stakeholders, resources, and processes. Detailed analysis is used determine the current strengths, limitations, and constraints on the existing strategy for going global. High-level recommendations are presented to enhance or upgrade the current strategy to optimize the ROI and maximize the results from going global.

  • Development of an Optimized International Market Entry Strategy: This is a more comprehensive engagement than the ‘Validation and Assessment’ above. PCG will make use of existing information and ‘best practices’ to determine the optimal interntaional market entry strategy based on a company's goals, capabilities, and constraints. Detailed recommendations include a roadmap for globalization including target markets (including phasing), required content categorization, resources required, technology enhancement required, process flow, navigational and addressing structure, site design needs, global branding best practices, and update and sustainability requirements. All results are supported via financial impact and a detailed ROI analysis.

  • Development of a Globalization Strategy and Detailed Implementation Roadmap: This is most comprehensive engagement. It includes the ‘Optimized Globalization Strategy’ above and extends it to provide a detailed implementation roadmap. This roadmap provides a very granular, implementation plan taking account of the major project activities including the design, architecture, processes, resources, scheduling, deployment, and update. All major recommendations, detailed in a System Requirements Specification (SRS), are supported via best practices, case studies, customer needs/goals, and ROI analysis (if applicable).