PCG provides the following services to high tech startups:

  • Development of Investor Package/Introduction to VCs: Enable a startup to develop and/or refine its investor package (executive summary, investor presentation, and business plan/financials) to optimize opportunity in the Silicon Valley. Work with the company to develop a strategy for engaging with high value-add VCs. PCG also taps into its network to make introductions to the appropriate individuals at VC firms to maximize ‘smart money’ funding potential. Goal: Enable a startup with good potential to obtain significant funding from a valuable VC partner.

  • Market/Product Validation: Analysis of the US and/or global markets to determine the overall revenue potential for a company's products across all major segments. Development of a hierarchy of the market segments based on revenue potential, determination of major partners, channels, customers, and competitors. Goal: Determine the specific value and area of greatest opportunity, as well as the primary customers for a company’s operations.

  • Sales Strategy: Determination of the optimum market area and customer profile for focusing a company’s resources in the near term. Additionally, determination of the key channel for maximizing success: direct or indirect. For the optimum entry strategy, PCG develops a plan for optimizing the opportunity across channel, marketing, and product development. Goal: Determine the most appropriate entry strategy for maximizing a startup’s potential in the US and/or the international marketplace.

  • ROI/Pricing Strategy: Determination of the ROI and economic value proposition for a startup’s products. This analysis is followed with the development of an appropriate pricing strategy – the pricing strategy conforms to the standards of the market entry strategy (ie direct or indirect model) and is customized for the product, customer, and competitive environment. Goal: Provide the foundation for a justifiable ‘value’ sales platform to maximize sales effectiveness.

  • Partner/Customer Introductions: PCG taps into its corporate network to help a company obtain appropriate partners and/or customers to expand its footprint in the US and/or international marketplace. The focus is on high value connections. Goal: Drive sales traction in the US marketplace.